Volume 2: Issue 1, March 2012

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A study on Prevalence of Drug usage among (girls and boys) Teenagers in the Cities of lamerd and Mohr

Original Research, B1
Sajjadi S. and Sajjadi H.
Asian J. Med. Pharm. Res.
2(1): 01-04, 2012

ABSTRACT: The aim of this study is to survey the prevalence of different kinds of drug usage among the high school students of Lamerd and Mohr. Statistical universe includes all the high school students lamerd and mohr .research sample was done based on random cluster sampling. According to this 1225 students had participated in this research that 489 students were studying in mohr and the other 739 students were studying in lamerd. Research method was descriptive and has done on survey method. In this research, data collection has done with pencil –paper questionnaire.In order to measure drug usage variable, alcohol and drug usage survey questionnaire of Tarmian was used. The higher score in this questionnaire shows the more usage of drug and psychoactive to answer the research questions, descriptive and inferential statistic methods has been used. The result of this research about those ones who used drug and alcoholic drinks shows. The reduction of the drug usage age among students (14 and 16 years old) ,lack of problem solving skills and thinking at the time of frustration and occurrence of psychosocial difficulties and non-affectivity of social residential environment on drug usage it is deserve that counseling and educational serviced focus more in this part.
KEYWORDS: Drug usage, Drug Prevalence, Teenagers


Advantages and Disadvantages of Alcoholic Beverages; What Is the Opinion of the Holy Quran?

Review Article, B2
Abed A and Safaeian L
Asian J. Med. Pharm. Res. 2(1): 05-09, 2012

ABSTRACT: The All Knowing God states in the Quran: “They ask you (O Muhammad, peace be upon him) about wine and gambling. Say, in them is great sin and some benefit for people, but their sin is greater than their benefit”. More than 1400 years ago, this patrician verse had been revealed to the prophet Mohammad and undoubtedly mankind at that time had been unaware about alcohol disadvantages. Based on the scientific documents, it seems that until 200 years ago, human didn’t know anything about disadvantages of alcohol and its harmful effects on body and nous.This study has reviewed the scientific achievements about the effects of alcoholic beverage on body and mind and compared them with the opinion of the Quran verse about alcoholic beverages. Regard the numerous scientific reports from harmful effects of alcoholic beverages, the miracle of Holy Quran about the advantages and disadvantages of this substance could be explained.
Advantages, Disadvantages, Alcoholic beverages, Quran


The Effect of Relaxation and Mental Imagery and Relaxation Therapy on Anxiety and Hopefulness in Women with Breast Cancer in Ahvaz

Original Research, B3
Hamid N.
Asian J. Med. Pharm. Res.
2(1): 10-15, 2012

ABSTRACT: Psychological factors have important role in etiology and treatment the cancer. The aim of this research was study the effect of mental imagery and relaxation training on anxiety and hopelessness in women suffering from breast cancer. The research method was experimental with pre-posttest, follow up and control group. The sample consisted of 30 women suffering from breast cancer who were selected based on age, educational status, duration of disease, acquiring one standard deviation above the mean in anxiety test and other criteria considered in this research. Then randomly divided into two groups as experimental and control. The instruments were Cattel Anxiety Questionnaire (CAQ) and Miller Hopefulness Scale (MHS). The experimental group administered 12 sessions of mental imagery and relaxation training but the control group didn’t receive any intervention. The data were analyzed by multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA). The results indicated that there was a significant difference between experimental and control group(p≤0.0001).The rate of anxiety in experimental group in compare with pre-test and control group decreased but the rate of hopefulness increased. Also, these results significantly persisted after follow up period.
KEYWORDS: Mental imagery, Relaxation, Anxiety, Hopefulness, Breast Cancer


 Study of Transcranial Doppler in Children with Sickle-Cell Anemia in Bandar Abbas Children's Hospital in period of 2010- 2011


Original Research, B4
Molavi M., Alizade M., Negahi A., Hamedi Y., Nazemi A. and Molavi K.
Asian J. Med. Pharm. Res.
2(1): 16-20, 2012

ABSTRACT: TCD is a screening test to detect patients with SCD who has high cerebral blood flow velocities.Prophylactic blood transfusion and hydroxyurea recommended for patients with cerebral blood velocities higher than 200cm/m to prevent stroke. It was necessary to have more research to find the effect of hyroxyurea on cerebral blood velocity in these descriptive research 42 patients with SCD from 2-14 years old were enrolled as cases and 20 healthy children without hematologic disease as controls. TCD have been done for both group. Cerebral blood velocity in MCA was more in cases in compare to controls. In both systolic blood velocity was the same except in Right CCA and Lt.  LCA.  Blood velocity in Right and Lt artery in 78.4 % if cases was more  in compare to 8% in controls, It shows the significant difference between cases and control. Higher blood velocity in cases was same as other researches but there was no difference between velocity of blood in Right and Left artery in compare to other researches. In caseses who has been treated with hydroxyurea blood velocity was less in compare to those who didn't take it which was same as other researches.
KEYWORDS: Hydroxyl, Urea-sickle Cell Anemia-Trans Cranial Doppler.


  Evaluation of the Kidney Following Administration of Unprocessed Honey in Wistar Rats


Original Research, B5
Onyije FM, Avwioro OG, Atoni AD, Nduku A and Zenebo VC.
Asian J. Med. Pharm. Res.
2(1): 21-25, 2012

ABSTRACT: In most ancient cultures, honey has been used for both nutritional and for medicinal purposes and it also contains sugars and trace amounts of several vitamins and minerals. The quantity of these substances in honey depends on the type of flowers on which the bees feed on. The effect of unprocessed honey on the kidney was examined. 20 rats were randomly divided into 4 groups of 5 each and tested as follows:- Group O (Control) – water orally, Group A – 0.1ml/kg of unprocessed honey orally, Group B – 0.15ml/kg of unprocessed honey orally, Group C – 0.2 ml/kg of unprocessed honey orally. The unprocessed honey was given once a day for forty two days (six weeks). At the end of the treatment, all the rats were sacrificed. Blood was taken for biochemical analysis. The kidneys were dissected for histological examination. Creatinine estimation which is a kidney marker was carried out; the result showed slight elevation in the groups administered with 0.15ml/kg and 2ml/kg of unprocessed honey. There was no statistical difference when compared with the control. Urea was elevated in the group administered 0.2ml/kg of the honey and was statistically different from the control. Honey contains several types of sugars and high sugar intake has been reported to cause kidney damage in man and may ultimately lead to nephropathy in rats.
Creatinine, Histology, Honey, Kidney, Urea.